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Dwayne Forge

Dwayne Forge

9 years ago

Dwayne Forge is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and an optional friend in Grand Theft Auto IV. Dwayne is a former drug kingpin who ruled over North Holland.

In 2008, Dwayne is released from prison and immediately goes to see Playboy at his penthouse. He talks to Playboy X and Niko Bellic in the mission Deconstruction for Beginners, where Playboy patronizes him. Playboy X eventually pays Niko to appease Dwayne by working for him, but Niko genuinely connects with Dwayne, as they both experienced hardship and have developed a cynical outlook on life and distaste for others.

With Niko's help, Dwayne gradually begins to rebuild his life. He asks Niko to kill Jayvon Simson, the man who stole Dwayne's money and his girlfriend. Niko finds him and Cherise, and chooses whether or not to kill Cherise before chasing and murdering Jayvon. Niko meets up with Dwayne at Cluckin' Bell, and gives him the money back.

Later, Dwayne tells Niko about his former gentleman's club, The Triangle Club, which was taken over by the Trunchez brothers. Niko goes to the club and kills the Trunchez brothers, allowing Dwayne to reclaim control of the club. This angers Playboy X due to the Trunchez brothers being business associates of his.

However, Dwayne also begins to talk trash about Playboy, and Dwayne's re-acquisition of the Triangle Club conflicts further with Playboy's business interests. Dwayne knew the effect that this would have on Playboy, doing it anyway out of passive-aggressive angst for turning his back on him. According to Playboy, he offered Dwayne half of his old gang back and he did not accept the offer, likely insulted as he founded the gang and taught Playboy the business when he was merely a child.

Niko is subsequently hired by both men to assassinate one another, in the mission The Holland Play. Niko must choose whether to kill Dwayne or Playboy X.

If Niko chooses to kill Dwayne, Niko will respectfully tell Dwayne that it's "nothing personal." Forge accepts his fate in sorrow, turning his back to Niko and calling him "fake, just like the rest of them!" Niko then shoots Dwayne in the back of the head while turned away, killing him with visible regret. Playboy pays Niko, but, in apparent denial, calls him "cold" for assassinating his old mentor, and the pair never speak again.

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